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Soul Of  Korea is a Family restaurant. We serve you the best Korean food in Tampa, FL. We rank as the No. 1 Korean restaurant. We serve you delicious meals of Korea that include Appetizers, soups, Entrées, Beverages, Side dishes, and desserts.

We have the best ambiance that gives you the vibe of Korea. It gives you the most pleasant feeling when you have our best Korean cuisine in our eatery and we are sure that you'll love it.

We serve our food which is cooked from fresh and healthy veggies. The chefs in Soul of Korea have good experience in making the best Korean food. We offer you both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes that anyone can have meals, according to their taste.

Also, the servings staff of Soul Of Korea are very gentle and respectful with their customers. Our cleaning crew maintains hygiene in every corner of our restaurant. Our entire staff is the main reason which makes this restaurant as the best Korean Restaurant in Tampa, FL.
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The Best Family Restaurant in Tampa, FL

The Best Family Restaurant In Tampa, FL f you are looking for the best Korean restaurant, Soul Of Korea is the only way for you. You can spend quality time with your loved ones and have our delicious meals. Our eatery serves some traditional and best Korean cuisine that is way more unique and tasty than your daily meals.

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